Looking for some fun in the sun? Searching for comfortable Lake Michigan beach rentals? The Firefly Resort is it! Eighteen charming cottages with semi-private beach access.

The Firefly has easement access to three private beaches, all within an easy walk. One beach is only 550 feet away. To keep the beaches private, we require all Firefly guests to carry the Firefly beach pass. A public beach open to all is two blocks away. These sugar-sand beaches are perfect for games, swimming, and relaxing in the sun. Kids entertain themselves all day!

This convenient access to our beaches, as well as the delightful Firefly cottages and beautiful grounds, make the Firefly the perfect Lake Michigan getaway.

For more information on the finest Lake Michigan rentals – the Firefly Resort -- or to make a reservation, please call 269-469-0245 or E-Mail Us: